8 Home Concrete Project Ideas

Are you a fan of the look of concrete crafts? I’ve seen so many interesting concrete DIY projects lately that I simply had to share my favorites with you. I was first startled to learn that a bag of concrete could be used to create such unique house décor, but now I’m daydreaming about all the cool things I want to do. Concrete may be used to create adorable DIY present ideas, fantastic planters, bowls, pots, frames, and even jewelry holders. Concrete may also be used to create stunning tables and countertops, which can instantly refresh your home’s interior. Concrete is one of the most flexible DIY materials available. It may be written on, pressed with patterns, drawn on, and molded and formed into practically any shape. This one is very sturdy, making it ideal for DIY furniture, outdoor and patio décor, bookends, and other accessories.

Working with concrete can be a lot of Fun, especially since it’s a long-lasting substance that can help your DIY projects last longer. Let’s have a look at some of the most creative project ideas that use cement as the major material.


You can make these lovely geometric planters with just a few of reusable silicone molds, and they’ll look great in almost any house or workplace. Feel free to experiment with different sizes, and don’t rule out painting the concrete planters in bright colors.


You can construct your own fantastic concrete light if you have a hot glue gun, two bowls, and a glass jar sitting around the house. It’s something you won’t find in a store and may serve as a nice ornament in a simple room layout. It’s ideal for studio flats in particular.


Similar to #4, you may make your own concrete pendant lamp and hang it from your ceiling in elegance. If you’re ready to part with a few old coke bottles, you can customize your space with a lamp like this, which can even be painted to match the rest of the furniture and room design.

4. Golden concrete planters

If you wanted to manufacture larger planters entirely out of concrete or cement, here’s another way to do it. These planters have a golden pattern to offset some of the grey dullness brought on the original concrete appearance. Naturally, you can add your own personal touch by choosing different colors and patterns to decorate your freshly-made planters.


And while we’re on the subject of planters, how adorable are these hanging cement mini-tables, which are ideal for displaying plants as well as other items in a certain space of your home? The dangling cement tables are a unique method to replace shelves and are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. What you select to place on these pedestals is totally up to you.


Talk about fresh thinking! How cool is this concrete table made using Lego parts as molds? Not only is the Lego-shaped table unique to most houses, but the components used to form the mold may be reused for a variety of other projects.


7. Stylish concrete pots

You may make your own concrete pots using a couple of empty water bottles, some concrete, and a lot of patience (concrete does not dry quickly). These may be used to decorate your artificial plants and flowers, but they also make excellent pen holders for your office desk. As is usually the case, the only restriction is your creativity.


Picking favorites is a difficult task! We’ve seen some quite incredible ideas today, and we’ve realized that concrete is a very adaptable material. Concrete projects, on the other hand, may take longer to finish, owing to the fact that the material must entirely dry out before the mold can be removed.